AACOP American Alligator Cycle of Protection, Inc., works hand in hand with non-profit organizations like The Texas Alligator Ranch.  Please read the Mission Statement and a short History of both organizations.


AACOP Mission Statement

The American Alligator Cycle of Protection, Inc. (AACOP) is a non-profit organization. Dedicated to actively educate all on the need to protect, manage, and sustain the American Alligator, and its habitat for the future of its species; and remainder and reclamation of its habitat.

AACOP History

The American Alligator Cycle of Protection, Inc. (AACOP) was formed through a cooperative effort of producers and non-producers in April 1992 to educate the public about the American alligator as a Sustainable Resource. The formation of the goals and beginning of the programs begin under the guidance of Florida Alligator Trapper Association, Inc. (FATA) and President Mike Fagan. As the goals became operational, the board determined AACOP needed to become its own entity. It became incorporated on June 1st 1993.

AACOP's Board of Directors was primarily producers and provided guidelines and some financial stability to its earlier projects. As progression and expansion of its resources grew the projects and foundation became stronger. Collaboration of resources in the public, private and non-profit assisted it with very little income to support its efforts under a Volunteer Executive Director.

Its main goal were to develop an educational program for K-12 grades. Public Safety and Industry education. Only two of the programs were accomplished prior to 2003 under the auspices of the previous Executive Director Lynanne Lawhead. These were Public Safety "The Be Gator Safe Program" and Industry education a news magazine for 9 years called GATORTALES.

For more information contact Dean Coates Executive Director, P.O. Box 1020, Spearman, TX, 79081, or phone (806) 659 2924 or (806) 676 4118.

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